"If you had to split the company, it would give my fortune, a production hall and equipment, and the zatrzymałbym brand - and so come forth on this a lot better."

John Stuart, chief of Quaker Corporation


The company was founded in 2001. The experience of engineering and technical staff in the field of construction and design of equipment for applying protective coatings has enabled the rapid acquisition of investors and its rapid development.

Construction facilities - technological and manufacturing capacity allow us to design and manufacture of high quality. The company implements the quality policy compatible with ISO 9001 standards.

We invite you to cooperation.

Profil produkcji

Our company designs, manufactures, assembles and installs and runs the individual devices and complete paint shops, plating lines and special lines for references of processes of chemical and electro-chemical.

"MP-TECH SERVICE" in recent years has specialized in manufacturing equipment for production of aircraft engines and aircraft, for example: Cab to test the purity of, position of the fuel pipe leak, bath line for maintenance and packaging, paint booth by Sermetel, etc.

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